Sunday, February 13, 2011

Electric Cigarettes Winston-Salem

Imagine if smokers could smoke a cigarette that had approximately 3980 less ingredients than a traditional cigarette, did not cause cancer, and could be legally smoked anywhere without attracting bans and fines.

Known as ‘electronic’ or e-cigarettes, these newly-invented cigarettes are being tried in UK, Sweden, Brazil US and India. People are still wary of e-cigarettes and even authorities do not know if e-cigarettes should be promoted or banned, but there is considerable amount of interest around this product, which was invented by a Chinese, Hon Lik.

What works in favour of the e-cigarette is that unlike nicotine patches or other cessation methods, an e-cigarette looks and feels like a real cigarette, only that it is made of plastic and metal. Smokers can take a “drag” and feel like they are smoking a real cigarette.