Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dial Up Internet Connection

Pros and cons of Dial-up Connection

Dial-up connections require minimal infrastructure to establish an access to the internet. Anyone who has an access to a telephone line can get connected to the internet through dial-up connection. Since telephones lines are available everywhere one can get the internet access in remote areas as well. This is the major reason why dial-up connection stills enjoys a good market. The major disadvantage of dial-up connection is that it gives very low data rates and while most users are seeking high-speed internet access broadband is widely replacing dial-up connection.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Do's And Don't On The Internet

Mind your Netiquettes: A set of Do’s and Don’ts of Internet
Do adhere to the manners which you use in real life

Don’t be careless with your personal information
Never share your personal information on the Internet because there are certain elements who may take a leverage and may harm your privacy.

Don’t copy a copy righted material from the Internet
Because it’s a crime. A copyrighted material is someone’s belonging and by copying such material without the owner’s permission you are actually stealing it!

Internet Freedom Of Speech

Similarly, in countries like Vietnam and China the information on internet is censored before making it available for the users. The Chinese version of Google produces censored search results. Government, with the help of email service providers and website owners, keeps an eye on every activity over internet and puts those behind the bars who seem to be involved in anti-government activities. On many occasions many individuals have been bashed by the government for mere expression of personal opinion about the government’s policies. These cases have now been taken into notice very seriously by human rights protection agencies and campaigns have been conducted to persuade the government to carry out proper legal steps in such cases. Amnesty International has made separate sector which takes notice of such cases and tries to provide maximum legal protection to the victims.

Business Men Best Computer Choice

We truly recognize that you are busy person so we have just highlighted some features you would love to see in your best business computers. Plus: Some best computers for business men.

What makes your computer best business computer?

Processor – The heart of the computer
Processor is responsible for the speed of every task in your computer and we know that you would hate to see your window booting so slowly when you are in hurry for a meeting to go to. So, your processing unit or CPU should have a very high speed but at the same time it should not make your pocket empty. Here’s our pick which is best for business computers as it handles everyday Vista errands very efficiently: Intel Core2Duo.
It’s not very pricey yet very fast and high speed.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cheats For Computer Games Online

Cheats on the internet for computer games

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Yahoo! Games
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