Monday, January 28, 2008

The Ticket to Dating For Married Women

The Ticket to Dating For Married Women

Dating for married women can definitely be considered a gender issue. After all, in most societies, married men have this permission to “fool around” to a certain extent. The glaring problem here then is that married women are not allowed to do the same. Perhaps this has everything to do with the universally accepted role of a stereotypical married woman – she must allow her husband to fool around, while she keeps the family stringed together. Well, if married men are guiltless about dating, then the same must also go for the married women. After all, married women are more capable of restraining themselves, thus, making dating for married women safer than the other way around.

The Reasons

The stress of pulling a family together is definitely a tall order. Added to that stress are the multitude of relationships involved – the in-law’s, the nieces and nephews, and the obnoxious husband. Albeit these factors, a married woman, more often than not, is capable of still standing on her toes. And that’s why dating for married women is warranted. The stress of being married may prove to have unappealing and unlikable effects, and only dating for married woman may help save the sanity of the woman. Also, dating for married women is warranted, inasmuch as it provides a woman an opportunity to yet again feel good about herself. These, in the end, are only some of a hundred reasons women can come up with to justify why dating for married women is allowable.

The Limits

As in dating for married men, dating for married women must have certain limitations. For one, the married woman must understand that dating is only what it is – dating. There ought to be nothing more than dating, and the married woman must always take note that in the end, dating is only an opportunity to release stress and temporarily escape from the stress of her life. If dating is to be a way to find another husband, then the intentions of the married woman is definitely wrong as dating will only leave her in a trap which she possible can’t get out of. As such, if the married woman will want to get out of the marriage, then the way for her to do so is to file for a divorce. There’s no point sugarcoating a problem that already exists in the first place. The beauty of dating for married woman can prove to be counterproductive, if done for the entirely wrong reasons.