Thursday, August 06, 2009

Know The Generic Drug For Cymbalta

Why we become depress? Our moods and emotional states are controlled by neurochemicals. When the balance between the neurochemicals is disturbed (by any factor/element) we become depress and emotionally low. Cymbalta works by establishing a balance between these two neurochemicals again.

Generic Drug for Cymbalta
There is no generic drug for Cymbalta as the drug has been produced and approved quite recently. The patent life is at least 10 years. The generic drug can be manufactured only after the expiration of the patent. Many companies are advertising the generic versions of Cymbalta online. Since these drugs are not approved, no one can claim that these drugs are safe to use.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Anti Anxiety Medication For Cats

Treatment of anxiety in cats
Although psychopharmacology in veterinary medicine has not so developed yet, there are some medications which are proven for their efficacy to treat anxiety disorders in animals.

The most recommended anti-anxiety medication for cats include Buspar, Prozac, and Clomicalm.