Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nail polish

Nail polish
I have an addiction to nail polish. My nails are always painted and I am always buying new nail polish colors to experiment with. Sometimes my toes and fingernails match, other times I purposely make them clash. Why? I have no reasoning behind it, but it has become almost a trademark for me and it is just fun. I am especially fond of the nail polish that claims it dries in 60 seconds. In my opinion, it takes 3-4 minutes, but it does dry much faster and seems to go on smoother.
My favorite thing to do is wait until CVS has a circular in my weekend newspaper that advertises a buy one, get one free sale for nail polish. I'll ask my mom for her coupon and buy 4 new nail polish colors for the price of 2. It's a great deal and I love it. I do that once a month. My husband teases me about my dresser drawer that is devoted to nail polish. I must have at least 75 bottles of nail polish in my drawer. I have had this love for nail polish since middle school. I can't say that I've had more than 24 hours since middle school, that my all of my nails haven't been painted. In fact, when I remove the nail polish, my nails all have that yellowish tint to them. If I wanted to go cold turkey and let my nails recover from being smothered by nail polish, it would take months for the yellowish tint to grow out and disappear completely.
A friend of mine used to do stencils and nail art for me, but I grew bored with that. It was too much maintenance. I would rather do my own nails, all natural, and be able to change them whenever the mood strikes me. I've never been into getting fake nails. I know that there are quite a few people out there who are big fans of getting them and it is much easier for some people, but I can't stand them. I had them once, for prom, and felt like I couldn't properly use my fingers. I vowed to never have them again, and years later, I continue to say the same thing.
Any store that sells nail polish will probably have tons of brand names. I have a few favorites, but none that I can say that I don't care for. I'm a fan of Maybelline, as they have the quick dry nail polish. My preschooler has started to love it when I paint her nails as well. I put light colors on her nails and she thinks she is just the coolest 3 year old around. Not that I wouldn't have loved a son just as much, but I'm happy that I can pass my love of nail polish along to someone else.