Tuesday, October 31, 2006

PC Computers

I have used pc computers all of my life. I have never known anyone who uses a Mac. I hear a lot of great things about Macs but because I have used Pc computers for so long I can not imagine making the switch now. Pc computers may not be designed to work with different media such as imaging and sound files like Macs are. I do not use my computer for much more than word processing or Internet surfing so I do not need a media-friendly computer.
If I was a photographer or worked with a lot of music files, I may consider buying a Mac. Until that day comes, I'm very happy using pc computers. I've used them since I was about five years old and have never had a problem with them. I understand how pc computers work and I understand their language. I think that if I tried to switch to a Mac now I would be very lost and unsure of myself if a problem were to occur. If I ever experience a problem on my pc I know where to look for a solution and I do not believe that I would be as effective at troubleshooting on a Mac.
Every school and work place I've ever been a part of has relied on pc computers. Everyone in my family uses pc computers and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Besides the technical reasons why I prefer pc computers to Macs, I am also aware of the fact that Mac computers can be much more expensive than pcs. If I was being honest I'd have to admit that is probably the biggest reason why I will probably never switch.
I spend a lot of my time creating projects and papers on my computer and if I could not use Microsoft Word on a Mac I would never buy one. I have become reliant on Microsoft systems and if they are not compatible with Macs, I am not compatible with Macs.
I'll continue to rely on pc computers for all of my computing needs. I know them, I understand them, and most importantly, I trust them. According to my experiences, I'm in the majority on this one. I hear so many Mac users spouting off about how they are superior to pc computers but as a regular computer user I have never seen any evidence of this. The mere fact that I have never seen anyone using a Mac proves to me that the superiority question is moot.