Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Funny Health

From Café Mom: There was a woman in Arkansas who was concerned about her baby having a earache. The doctor when examined discovered that the baby had earache in the right ear. He immediately prescribed drops for the earache. In the directions, he wrote that put two drops in right ear every four hours. He then abbreviated right with a big R with a circle around it. Several days passed by and woman returned back to the doctor, still complaining about the earache her child was having. She also complained that her little child was getting really oily and greasy with the oily drops. The doctor was quite astonished to hear that. The doctor looked at the bottle and saw the instructions. The pharmacist had typed, put the drops in R ear after four hours. This made the entire scenario so funny and amusing.

There are many other funny health articles that talk about some funny talks and acts of patients and doctors at times that leave the entire medical faculty in laughter. Laughter therapy is also one of those things that is very necessary these days. Many people who are undergoing the depression need this therapy. This enables them to wave off their negative feelings and let them feel the cool air around them. Being funny helps in a lot of ways and people having good sense of humor, tend to live a healthy life. Try to feel happy and make other around you happy as well.

Wholesale Jewelry Catalogs Free

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cologne Discount Fragrances Men On The Internet

If you buy more than one discount cologne online it will save a lot of your money. However, many people think that discount colognes are of cheap quality but this is not the truth as they are just an affordable option for those who can not take the expenses of designer or branded colognes. Go online, choose your fragrance, read the instructions and details carefully and then choose what you have to buy and enjoy the pleasure of discount colognes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buy Depression Medication Without Anxiety Side Effects

Many people don’t understand the difference between anxiety and depression. It is just that depression is a state of mood swing in a person where the mood keeps fluctuating and causes feeling like not wanting to do anything. However anxiety is a feeling of fear and stress where you are scared of facing any stressful situations. Anxiety is not very severe until it starts interfering in your daily life and leaves you bound at home. It can get extreme and for extreme anxiety disorder proper treatment should be taken. People suffering from anxiety also face depression.