Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Car Dealers

I have come across this new car dealers website and I would surely like to write something about it.

I was searching for car dealers near my area when I found this website. Its called Wexu, (I don't know what does this name

stands for ( but it provides quite huge database of all local car dealers in any state, or even in cities of

America. For example, lets say if you are looking for a Ford car dealers in Chicago, the you can just checkout Ford Chicago or similarly Toyota Houston for Toyota car dealers in Houston. I tried even smaller

cities and it worked great for them also. I am really impressed. I have been looking for such a car dealers site from long.

So if you are looking for any local dealers of car and don't know where to look for, I would surely recommended this small online car dealers website to help you. I am sure it would be of great help to you.

Wedding Makeup that Lasts

On your big day, you want your wedding makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as long as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. However, here is some advice to keep in mind even if you do hire a makeup artist.

Use a makeup base. Several cosmetic companies offer products that go on under your eye makeup or lipstick that help your makeup last. Eye makeup base provides a layer that your eyeshadow and eyeliner can adhere to. This prevents creasing and helps the colour stay on longer. They offer similar products for lipstick. However, try to find a lipstick base that is also moisturizing. Some products contain ingredients that dry the lips out. You'll need your lips to stay nice and moist so you can smile all day.

Get rid of extra shine. A shiny face looks even worse in photographs, especially if the photographer uses a flash. After washing your face, apply an oil controlling product. After that absorbs, apply a thin layer of loose powder. Apply foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual. Follow up with another thin layer of loose powder. Carry some pressed powder with you so you can control any shine as the day progresses.

Lasting lipstick. One of the first things to fade is your lipstick. Follow these tips that will help your lipstick last. First, apply a moisturizing lip base. Then, apply lip liner in a shade that is a little darker than your lipstick. Use a soft pencil. Fill the lips in with the pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick and blot gently. Apply another coat of lipstick but this time do not blot. Press a thin layer of facial tissue gently to your lips. Using a large brush, apply a thin layer of pressed powder to the tissue. The tissue acts as a screen, letting in only a small amount of powder. The powder helps the lipstick set and keeps it on longer.

Pack a makeup bag. No matter how hard you try to create a lasting look, you still may need to do some minor touch ups throughout the day. Pack pressed powder, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow just in case your colour needs a boost.

Sally Lopez is a freelance writer and marketing manager of Marcell "Professional Make-up Artists".To learn more about wedding makeup and the latest makeup tips visit

A Brief History of Online Education

The internet has given us many gifts throughout the years – from music and video game codes to not so G-rated material. Therefore, it is no surprise that e-learning has made such a big splash in the web world. Within the past ten years, online computer training and internet training has provided many people with a new incentive to learn.

During the early 80’s, e-training was just starting to become a potential creation. Companies and educational institutes were strictly hiring instructors to train their students. This was because computers were only beginning to grow, therefore making it difficult to come up with any other plan. Not one single online computer training class was avaliable in any format. These instructors were great at the time because it allowed training to be very hands on, especially since students were able to interact with their classmates and visually see the lessons. However, the problem with having just instructors was that there was a lot of blank time in between. Students were not being able to learn the material on their own time, thus difficulty set in when training with hoards of other people.

Luckily, as the computer industry started to expand, e-training was becoming a reality. For the next ten years, multimedia was at everyone’s fingertips. Companies were just starting to use PowerPoint; a program that allowed people to create visually enhanced presentations. Video games and other multimedia programs were also popping up, thus resulting in a technology overhaul. As these advances continued, online education was only a step away.

The first type of online education was in the mid 1990’s. This was when the internet was a great success, and multimedia was being taken to another level. The first few e-training companies dedicated their services to mainly businesses who did not want to hire trainers. Although the online education courses were great for new employees who needed training, it was only the beginning of an uphill process. Education online was very slow, as pictures were small and the entire course was text based. Nevertheless, it was beginning to catch the eye of many.

As the 1990’s quickly ended, the millennium marked an entirely new period for technology. E-learning was finally on the map as online education courses were now very popular at colleges and businesses. Great streaming media, online training videos, and fast web site servers made it possible for online education to make quite a splash. Students were also now able to learn from their homes during their own time, since working a job and going to school was quite a difficult task.

Today, online education has come a long way. Instructors are now being hired to solely teach online, which usually consists of being filmed for lesson videos. Companies are also hiring these online education programs, since a training session can not only be quick, but also be accessed at any time of the day or night. For many, it is a great opportunity because it gives us all more knowledge. We not only are able to get college degrees through this type of e-learning, but we also can have a life, without having to stay at the office overnight just to learn some material.

Microsoft Certification Preparation 101

In the current job market, Microsoft certifications represent one of the richest and varied spectrums of job roles and responsibilities, which are embraced by industry professionals worldwide, that earning a specific credential provides an objective validation of their ability to successfully perform critical IT functions in a wide range of companies and industries.

Microsoft certification is the top effective way to achieve goals in long-term IT careers, being at the same time a useful tool for companies to develop and retain valuable IT professionals

The following certifications are aimed for network administrators, network engineers, systems administrators, IT engineers, information systems administrators, network technicians, technical support specialists and other IT professionals currently working in complex computing environment of medium-to-large organizations.

- MCSE Certification (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification)

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential qualifies an IT professional to effectively plan, maintain, implement, and support information systems in diverse computing environments using both the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and the Microsoft .NET integrated family of server products. MCSE training courses are available both on CD or in printing.

To qualify prerequisite is completion of network+ or documentation of equivalent experience for at least one year on Windows 2003, implementing and administering a network operating system

- MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer) certification

The Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) credential provides industry recognition to professional developers who build applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. An MCSD candidate should have experience equivalent to one or two years of deploying, building, and maintaining applications.

This certification is designed for individuals who intend to pursue the skills necessary to develop Windows-based applications using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft ASP .NET, and for those interested in developing XML Web services-based solutions.

- MCSD (Microsoft Certified Software Developer) certification

The Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) for Microsoft .NET credential is the top-level certification for advanced developers requiring as prerequisite an MCSD for Microsoft .NET and two years of experience developing and maintaining solutions and applications.

This refers to the professional who designs and develops leading-edge enterprise solutions, using Microsoft development tools and technologies including also the Microsoft .NET, a certification to gain the knowledge, skills, and validation needed to be recognized as an expert with Microsoft products and technologies.

- MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Analyst) certification

The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) credential will provide you with skills to successfully manage, implement, and troubleshoot the needs of Microsoft Windows 2003-based operating environments.

This certification requires a prerequisite completion of network+ or documentation of equivalent experience.

- MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)

The Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies, products and solutions. They are in charge of Learning Solutions for partners who are required to use a Microsoft Certified Trainer when delivering training using Microsoft Business Solutions courses or official Microsoft Learning products.

Regardless what type of Microsoft certification you plan to obtain, Computer training videos will save the time and result better test scores.

Practical Tips for Caring Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become common to create instant, beauty long hairs for women of all ages whether it’s for special occasions such as wedding or parties or it’s for daily makeover. With all the different types and styles available on today’s market, understanding a bit about hair extensions can save you time and money especially besides you will look prettier. Most people prefer human hair extensions since they are normally easier to care for than others out there. Using hair extensions is a great way to have long hairstyles without waiting months for your own hair to grow. If you are considering hair extensions for wedding hairstyles or prom hairstyles there are a few things you should know.

The way that hair extensions are applied is very important. It does not hurt! There is a track made with your own hair by creating a same braid. Then the hair extensions are actually sewn to your own hair track. This track commonly called a corn-row by hair stylists runs horizontally around the back of your head. These tracks are done in the middle of the scalp where no one will be able to see them.

For all prom hairstyles and wedding hairstyles, the crown area of your hair will cover the top track. According to how many wefts you decide on will be how many tracks you will need for the long hairstyles. Also according to how much hair you need to create the wedding hairstyles or prom hairstyles will determine how many tracks you need. After the hair stylist has created the tracks, the human hair extensions or hair extensions of your chose will be sewn to the tracks. Then the hair will be blended into your own hair. The hair extensions will now be treated like your own hair.

Besides hair extensions, you could change your hairstyles easily with wigs too. Lace front wigs are particularly liked by most of women. It takes much less time to wear a wigs than hair extensions, but wigs may not look as naturally as hair extensions do.

To care for your hair extension you should treat it exactly like you do your normal hair. However, if you could not grow long hair previous for all those long hairstyles you desired you might not have been caring for your hair for new hair growth. Here are a few tips to help you care for your hair extensions so you can always have the long and glamorous hair you deserve for all the prom hairstyles or any long hairstyle you choose.

You should always wash, condition and moisturize your hair, including your human hair extension every 2 to 3 days. Your hair extensions will not receive the natural scalp oils so you will need to add moisturizing to your routine. If you do not remember to moisturize your hair extensions, they will become brittle which can cause them to break easily, leaving you with ratty and split ends.

What Every Cell Phone User Should Know about Mobile Phone Unlocking

If you are a cell phone lover, chances are you are aggravated with at least one aspect of your cell phone plan. Of course we all wish something about it was better - whether it be the sound quality, roaming charges, or the amount of service was get. But what if we had the opportunity to unlock our mobile phones? We have all wanted to switch services but keep our old beloved phone. Luckily, technology has now given us the means to do so. Better yet, it's legal!

Mobile phone unlocking is a great way for people to get the most from their cell phones. We have all tried out a service that just doesn't provide us with enough features, yet we haven't wanted to go through the hassle of switching phones. Fortunately, mobile phone unlocking is extremely easy and legal! Although most cell phone companies want you to believe that they put cell phone locks on their devices, it is actually false. Of course no company wants you to leave! Every bright business wants to not only keep you as a customer, but keep your monthly cash that you send to them so frequently. Therefore, you have every right and ability to unlock your phone if needed. However, some companies will try to lock it permanently, so it was crucial to stay alert.

Another benefit to mobile phone unlocking is that it could save you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, if you were an avid traveler and wanted to save money on international phone rates, you could change your service. If you kept the same service, you would be charged for roaming fees, thus leaving you with an unnecessary bill. By unlocking your cell phone, you could spend more money on other features!

The greatest part about mobile phone unlock is that is simple to access! Surprisingly, there are cell phone unlock codes you can use to do this procedure. Many websites online offer such codes that usually are quite affordable, ranging from $5-$10. However, some phones may need more than a cell phone unlock code. For instance, if you have a certain Motorola model, a data plug may have to be used to connect to a programming unit. This will reprogram your phone and allow you to pick another service.

Although cell phone unlock is a great way for people to switch services, not all phones can be unlocked. The only phone companies that have this feature are AT&T, Cingular, and T-Mobile. If you are not using a GSM company, chances are your phone has no ability to unlock. Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to unlock your mobile phone, and you want to change services, then it is a wonderful opportunity. We now have the freedom to do what we want, when we want it. Cell phone companies are no longer holding us with these plans that cannot be changed. We finally have realized the secret and for that reason, cell phone unlock codes will always be our favorite feature.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Things To Remeber In Photoshop Editing

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program that lets you manipulate photographs to get a more desirable result. It is a program that accommodates your penchant for creativity and your boundless imagination. But used incorrectly, Photoshop will only give you mediocre images.

To avoid poor quality Photoshop work, you should remember a few things that professionals keep in mind. First of all, you should remember to feather the edges of the image you have lifted by around 2-3 pixels. For example, if you had selected a particular image and moved it to a different background, you should feather its edges so that the picture subtly blends into its new background.

You must also remember to retain the proper lighting, perspective, focus and color cast. All the elements that make the photograph realistic should be considered in a Photoshop composition. In the previous example, if you moved the subject to a background where other things have shadows, then your subject must also have a shadow in the depth and orientation that is expected in that background had the subject been originally part of it. If you combine two images of different focal lengths, you also have to adjust the perspective of the resultant image to conform to each other. You also have to remember that if you have different images at different orders, the forefront image must be sharper than those behind it. Finally, the white regions of your image must match in tone and cast so as to present a harmonious-looking composition. To learn more about Photoshop and to see examples check out Photoshop Tutorials at PS Workshop.

Thursday, December 14, 2006 - Audio and Web Conference Calls

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Looking to impress your clients with your next web presentation? is the perfect company to help you close that important business deal. Recently acquired by telecommunications giant Premiere Global Services, Netspoke offers a full variety of web conference, audio conference and reservationless or assisted teleconferencing services.

Invite over 500 people to your next team meeting or seminar with Netspoke’s web conference service and host a highly productive event at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face meetings. Engage your audience and boost participation with professional operator assisted conferencing. Netspoke will manage every detail of your conference from beginning to end.

Netspoke boasts an impressive client list, and is now owned by Premiere Global Services, so your company can be confident going into their next web or audio conferencing meeting knowing that the presentation will be a smashing success. - Audio Conferencing

With all the teleconferencing companies out there these days, choosing the best service for your needs can be confusing to say the least. Some require long contracts and commitments, and many of the well known telecommunications companies charge outrageous prices.

Well, I’ve found the most inexpensive conference calls service available. specializes in providing audio conferencing for under $20 a month. If you currently are paying more than 3.9 cents for your conference calls (and who isn’t) then you should check them out. uses the latest audio conferencing technology on the market for the highest quality conference call experience, so you are paying the best price available and you are still receiving a great quality service. offers access to toll or toll free numbers, can handle up to 125 participants in your call, and provides all the features and controls you need to conduct a professional conference call event.

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Great Directory by Jim Westergren!

Jim Westergren has again done a fantastic site - this time a directory.

Check out Add It has over 30 000 active links, very nice detail pages and real time editing of links from users.

Here you can for example see a the category Webmastering.

What is also very nice for those submitting is that they can preview the detail listing and edit their links even before the link is officially approved by the editor.

The Thrifty Scot

The Scottish people have earned themselves a reputation through the years as a plain spoken, down to earth and honest bunch of folks. It makes sense, then, that one of the best sources of financial advice on the Internet should be ThriftyScot.ThriftyScot is a simple, easily navigable site that gives no nonsense, down to earth advice on personal finance. Arranged into several categories, ThriftyScot's advice guides you through the often confusing world of personal finance and leads you towards the best money-saving deals available.Of all the categories offered at ThriftyScot perhaps the most useful is the credit cards section. With advice on credit cards offered by a wide range of lenders.Beyond the credit card pages, ThriftyScot offers fantastic advice on remortgages and secured loans. Since a home tends to be the most expensive and important purchase of your life, it makes sense to find good solid advice before you take out a mortgage. Additionally, it's just as important that you make sure you have all the facts before you take out a loan that uses your home as collateral.

Getting Instant Secured Loans

Although taking your time to find a loan is the best option, there are times when this simply isn’t possible and you need money fast. Generally, these loans will be needed for a short period of time, after which you can pay the money back. Although there are a number of instant unsecured loans on the market, they are usually for small amounts of money. If you need a larger amount of cash quickly, then you should look at an instant secured loan. Instant secured loans can help you can get a decision in just a few minutes, even if you have a poor credit history.There are many reasons why you might need a loan within a very short space of time, although it is usually due to unexpected expenses that you could not hope to budget for. These expenses are usually essential, and can include items such as car repairs, healthcare costs and house repair costs. If you don't have the money readily available but need to pay these expenses fast, then an instant secured loan might be the best option. This is especially true if you have a poor credit history and are unable to get an unsecured loan.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

U tube or Dvd?

How many films would you guess you view in a week’s time? Would three be an accurate guess? Or maybe you’re addicted like me to u tube and the answer is more like 26 or 37. Regardless of your movie habit, I know where you can acquire them with minimal fuss and hassle. No, it’s not the mom and pop store down the street. They’re typically out of every new rental because they only carry one of each movie.
Full Article u tube video

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nail polish

Nail polish
I have an addiction to nail polish. My nails are always painted and I am always buying new nail polish colors to experiment with. Sometimes my toes and fingernails match, other times I purposely make them clash. Why? I have no reasoning behind it, but it has become almost a trademark for me and it is just fun. I am especially fond of the nail polish that claims it dries in 60 seconds. In my opinion, it takes 3-4 minutes, but it does dry much faster and seems to go on smoother.
My favorite thing to do is wait until CVS has a circular in my weekend newspaper that advertises a buy one, get one free sale for nail polish. I'll ask my mom for her coupon and buy 4 new nail polish colors for the price of 2. It's a great deal and I love it. I do that once a month. My husband teases me about my dresser drawer that is devoted to nail polish. I must have at least 75 bottles of nail polish in my drawer. I have had this love for nail polish since middle school. I can't say that I've had more than 24 hours since middle school, that my all of my nails haven't been painted. In fact, when I remove the nail polish, my nails all have that yellowish tint to them. If I wanted to go cold turkey and let my nails recover from being smothered by nail polish, it would take months for the yellowish tint to grow out and disappear completely.
A friend of mine used to do stencils and nail art for me, but I grew bored with that. It was too much maintenance. I would rather do my own nails, all natural, and be able to change them whenever the mood strikes me. I've never been into getting fake nails. I know that there are quite a few people out there who are big fans of getting them and it is much easier for some people, but I can't stand them. I had them once, for prom, and felt like I couldn't properly use my fingers. I vowed to never have them again, and years later, I continue to say the same thing.
Any store that sells nail polish will probably have tons of brand names. I have a few favorites, but none that I can say that I don't care for. I'm a fan of Maybelline, as they have the quick dry nail polish. My preschooler has started to love it when I paint her nails as well. I put light colors on her nails and she thinks she is just the coolest 3 year old around. Not that I wouldn't have loved a son just as much, but I'm happy that I can pass my love of nail polish along to someone else.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Utube Video

Utube Video has become one of the most popular ways to get you video clip online these days and with te help of camcorders that most houses have these days some very interesting video clips are showing up on sites like utube video clips on the other end of the scale we have smaller scale sites making the most of the action such as utube video camcorder also taking advantage of the u tube video keyword phrase although both sites have different intentions both site full the need for other utube business such as which recently has been seeing over 2 million vistiors per month and the owner of the piping company has even gone as far as to sue the original u tube video site . WHY ? many would ask surely having an extra 2 million visitors to your website per month is a good thing ? right ? even if you are selling pipes it must be tempting to change to a site something like u tube video clips you never know google might turn around and see you as a threat and buy you out , they did pay around 1.6 billion for youtube so something has to be said for the video site craze. All i know is if it was me I would be sure to have my site advertise at least some sort of video product if it was me . Could easily kick up your feet and move to some island and relax you life away while you smiled away at your fortune .
Well thats my small rant for today

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr Dre

"Andre Young, a.k.a. Dr Dre, co-founded the notorious rap group N.W.A. (with Ice Cube and Eazy-E). The group was one of the most successful hip-hop groups of the late 1980s and helped lay the foundations of west coast gangsta rap. Dre's 1993 solo effort, The Chronic, was a critical and popular success. Later in the 1990's, Dre turned his attention to producing. He helped launch the careers of Warren G., Snoop Dogg and Eve of Destruction, and in 1999 Dr. Dre helped produce Eminem's top-selling The Slim Shady LP."Dr Dre Snoop Dog Fan Site

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Laser Hair Removal Information

"I used to have a lot of ingrown hair, and that made me feel a little uncomfortable." Davila also had a bit on his back. Marisela Munoz had some on her upper lip, and she didn't like her options. Munoz says, "Having to be constantly waxing is very uncomfortable and can be painful."
Laser treatments could remove the hair, but it also could discolor certain types of skin. That's when they heard about the Cool Glide laser, a high-tech solution that works on any skin type, anywhere on the body. Eva Taub runs a hair removal clinic near Miami, Florida. Taub says, "All lasers can treat white skin. No problem
For More Information visit Laser Hair Removal Information

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Buddhist Temples

The Buddhist religion began in Northern India and spread throughout Asia. It's followers revere nature and beauty and their Buddhist temples are always aesthetically pleasing. They are sacred places, devoted to the adoration of Buddha. Buddhism also has many followers in the western world and is particularly appealing to people who are looking for something outside the modern preoccupation with material things. There are therefore, temples all over the world and are sometimes found in unexpected places.

In addition to being places of worship, the temples are of great historical and architectural interest. They contain wonderful works of art and many are tourist attractions. It's important that non-Buddhist tourists remember that they are in a sacred place and must treat it with due respect. Some Buddhist temples are also study centers for the religion and others promote the craft traditions of the area.

There are several temples in China, including the Tanzhe Temple, which stands in the mountains near Beijing. The ancient city of Kyoto has the most number of Buddhist temples and shrines in Japan. To-ji, dating from the Edo dynasty, is a particularly impressive one, with a five-storey pagoda making it the tallest wooden building in the country. Tibet has several fine examples, including Sakya Monastery, founded in 1071. It's unusual because it was built in the Mongolian style. This is because it was paid for by Mongolia's leader, Kublai Khan. Not all temples are so old; Thean Hou in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia opened in 1989. Nan Tien in Australia is the largest temple to be found in the southern hemisphere.

The US has temples from New York City down to Tennessee. There are several in England and one in Scotland. Other Buddhist temples are in India, Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Canada and Bhutan. Many temples around the world are still working temples with monks observing all the rituals. They can be heard chanting and using bells and gongs.

The story of the religion is often depicted by symbols, which are associated with the life of Buddha, and these appear in the Buddhist temples. The lotus is a common symbol, representing purity. Lions signify the royal bloodline of the Buddha and his footprint stands for the contribution he made to the world. The wheel, divided into spokes, is the different lessons within Buddhism and the Bodhi tree is where the Buddha achieved his path to Nirvana. All the temples are a fascinating insight into an ancient culture, which still reverberates today.

Asics Wrestling Shoes

So many guys are into sports. I don't know if you've ever picked-up on that or not. Regardless, it's something that caught my eye. Not to mention all the girls now days. I think it's awesome how females are delving further into athletics. Equality all the way. One day they may even have women's football. How cool would that be to watch? Then again, I'm personally more into martial arts. Therefore women's MMA would be more exciting to me. If you're not familiar with this acronym, it stands for mixed martial arts. I would love to see a girl version of UFC. Speaking of martial arts, I have been a practitioner for some time now. One thing I can comment on is Asics wrestling shoes. These are not just great for wrestling. They're also perfect for virtually any martial art in my opinion.

I've noticed that there is a great deal of martial artists these days. It's kind of cool how folks started noticing athletics that aren't American. Finally I can watch something on TV that's more entertaining. No offense to all you sports lovers out there, but that stuff bores me. I'll take Ultimate Fighting Championship any day. If you pay close attention to these practitioners, you'll notice that some wear Asics wrestling shoes. Yeah, that's the ticket right there. I was stoked once I discovered these handy, flexible shoes. They slide on your feet like slippers and they feel so lightweight and soft. It's almost like wearing nothing at all. But, the grip Asics wrestling shoes provide is outstanding. I can certainly see why wrestlers love them. I first got into this phenomenal footwear when I was taking Karate. It didn't take long to realize that they were much better suited for the task than any common designer sneaker. Today I use them for practicing Wing Chun.

Looking for a great set of footwear to practice BJJ in? Maybe it's time you checked into Asics wrestling shoes. After all, you can't go barefoot all the time like you do in your school. I recommend that all martial artists give Asics wrestling shoes a shot. I definitely don't think that you'll be sorry. Find them online for a discounted price today. Or, you can spot them in most athletic shoe stores.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas Tree Seedlings

If you're feeling fresh out of ideas for a unique Christmas gift, perhaps a Christmas tree seedling will fill the bill. Christmas tree seedlings may be purchased, already potted, ready to decorate with miniature Christmas ornaments. With just minimal care, the tree will thrive and give pleasure for years to come. A Christmas tree seedling can be a lovely gift for a family, or one to commemorate a child's birth. This gift carries spiritual meaning and special memories to the recipient.
Trees have been symbolic for thousands of years, in diverse civilizations, of the tie between man, nature and the spiritual world. The Celts were perhaps the first to plant a tree in their children's name, representing the natural tie between earth and humanity. The Romans, Egyptians and Christians devised similar rituals describing the bond between man and the divine. Many cultures have considered the tree as a protector of children.
The Norfolk Pine is a popular choice for a container-grown Christmas tree seedling in areas of the Midwest. Ask your nursery for suggestions on the best trees suitable to your area and purpose. Christmas tree seedlings may be grown for later planting outdoors in a permanent location.
Bonsai enthusiasts may nurture a tree seedling for five years or more, making a Christmas tree seedling a perfect hobby gift for them. Other choices you might consider for Christmas tree seedling gifts are not trees, but Christmas blooming plants such as the Jerusalem cherry, with its' bright orange-to-red berries, or the Christmas cactus' large and showy red, magenta or bright pink blossoms.
If you want to try a Jerusalem cherry, be aware it does best when moved outdoors during summer. This plant grows to about 18” high and wide, a good size for an entry table or dining room table centerpiece. Decorate with tiny lights, miniature ornaments and a decorative wrapping for the pot, and you're good to go! You can also harvest some of the fruits for new seedlings for next year.
The Christmas cactus is a sturdy candidate for a Christmas tree seedling. They may be grown indoors or out, and bloom profusely. You can find these beautiful plants at your local supermarket during the Christmas season, with the pot often already wrapped in a glitzy metallic sleeve.
Whichever type of plant you choose, check with your nursery for local growing conditions and care. Include this information with your gift tag.
You can see the many possibilities for a unique and caring gift for someone on your list, one that lasts for years to come.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

PC Computers

I have used pc computers all of my life. I have never known anyone who uses a Mac. I hear a lot of great things about Macs but because I have used Pc computers for so long I can not imagine making the switch now. Pc computers may not be designed to work with different media such as imaging and sound files like Macs are. I do not use my computer for much more than word processing or Internet surfing so I do not need a media-friendly computer.
If I was a photographer or worked with a lot of music files, I may consider buying a Mac. Until that day comes, I'm very happy using pc computers. I've used them since I was about five years old and have never had a problem with them. I understand how pc computers work and I understand their language. I think that if I tried to switch to a Mac now I would be very lost and unsure of myself if a problem were to occur. If I ever experience a problem on my pc I know where to look for a solution and I do not believe that I would be as effective at troubleshooting on a Mac.
Every school and work place I've ever been a part of has relied on pc computers. Everyone in my family uses pc computers and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Besides the technical reasons why I prefer pc computers to Macs, I am also aware of the fact that Mac computers can be much more expensive than pcs. If I was being honest I'd have to admit that is probably the biggest reason why I will probably never switch.
I spend a lot of my time creating projects and papers on my computer and if I could not use Microsoft Word on a Mac I would never buy one. I have become reliant on Microsoft systems and if they are not compatible with Macs, I am not compatible with Macs.
I'll continue to rely on pc computers for all of my computing needs. I know them, I understand them, and most importantly, I trust them. According to my experiences, I'm in the majority on this one. I hear so many Mac users spouting off about how they are superior to pc computers but as a regular computer user I have never seen any evidence of this. The mere fact that I have never seen anyone using a Mac proves to me that the superiority question is moot.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cowboy Christmas Stocking

On my children’s fifth Christmas I make them a holiday stocking that reflects their personality. I made my daughter a fairy princess stocking when she was five years old. My son’s fifth birthday was fast approaching as was the holiday season. I decided to make him a cowboy Christmas stocking.
I bought some soft leather-looking fabric and suede string. I sewed the stocking from a cowboy boot pattern that I came across on the Internet. I then poked holes along the seam of the boot-shaped material. I threaded the suede through the holes and tied them off. This was the beginning of my son’s cowboy Christmas stocking.
I made fringe out of some soft suede fabric that I found in a half off bin at the local craft store. I sewed the suede fringe along the top half of the boot. I then added a piece of leather to make the heel of the boot. By this time, I could not help but to notice that my son’s cowboy Christmas stocking looked remarkably like an ordinary felt cowboy boot and not really a holiday stocking at all.
I decided to fix the problem by embellishing the project with seasonal items to make it more of a cowboy Christmas stocking and less of a cowboy boot. Instead of spurs, I used small jingle bells on a string and hung them from the back heel of the stocking. I then took red, green and cold glittered fabric paint and embellished the body of the item.
I then took white cotton and dusted gold glitter on it. I glued the cotton to the top of the stocking and sprayed it with a top spray that I use for ceramics. I still was not satisfied with the results. The cowboy Christmas stocking looked more like an overdone cowgirl boot than anything else.
I was going to have to come up with something else and soon. I found myself starting from scratch. I started the cowboy Christmas stocking the same way as the last. If I used holiday-colored material it would resemble Santa’s boot. I decided to simplify the project. I
Instead of using a string of jingle bells, I used one larger one. I sewed it into the heel area. I then used the holiday colored glitter to write his name on the stocking. I then took the smaller bells and sewed them onto a few of the pieces of fringe. I hung the finished cowboy Christmas stocking that holiday evening.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are a godsend. I began taking them when I was eighteen to ease my menstrual symptoms. The pills eased my usually intense cramps and lightened my period dramatically. I have taken them for several years and my gynecologist assures me that there is no danger in extended use of birth control pills. Like many women, I was concerned that I may one day experience difficulty getting pregnant if I used birth control pills for too long but this fear was unnecessary and unfounded.
As wonderful as they are, there are some things to consider before you begin taking birth control pills. Birth control pills are easy to forget and it is not difficult to get off track and mess up your whole cycle. I have found that if I forget a pill, I have a good chance of getting my period in the next few days and once it starts, it is difficult to stop by resuming the medication.
Birth control pills can also be expensive. My health insurance covers approximately four dollars of this fifty dollar prescription every month. If the pills are meant to prevent against pregnancy, they are an affordable option when compared to condoms which can be very expensive and are not as reliable. There are many types and brand of pills out there and you should be able to find one that fits your budget.
Birth control pills are available at most clinics if you cannot afford them. Ask your doctor for more information on where you can obtain them in your area. I have always received a few months' worth of birth control pills from my gynecologist at my annual appointment. You should see a gynecologist if you are thinking of taking birth control pills and every year thereafter to make sure that they are working correctly for you with no adverse side effects.
One of the best aspects of pills is that you can continue to take your birth control pills for several weeks of them at a time if you want to put off your period. Some birth control pills are packaged in a way that makes it easier to take several weeks in a row. I think that the majority of birth control pills are safe and can be taken for two or three months in a row without complications but you should confirm this with your doctor before you attempt to do so. You can stop taking the pill at any time without adverse consequences to your health and the pill is less invasive and complicated than other options that involve implantation of some sort.
Simply stated, the pill is one of the best options when it comes to preventing pregnancy and managing your menstrual cycle. If you want control of your body and flexibility, the pill is the way to go. Every woman should do whatever she can do to be in charge of what happens to their bodies. It is, and always has been, your body and your choice. Period.

Avian Pandemic

Get a load of all the troubles we humans grapple with. Will the madness ever end? Now you know as well as I do that things will probably only continue to worsen. Just check out the nuances to our sickness and disease list. Suddenly we're battling an avian pandemic. This is ridiculous if you really think about it. Is it just me who feels this way? We are actually talking about a bird flu. The mere concept sounds absurd. We shouldn't be able to contract anything from a bird or fowl. What is going on these days? Is this a covert attack planned by Bin Laden and his group of thugs? Now, the big question remains; what are we going to do about it? This could get really messy, and quick.
I can still recall when the West Nile virus came about a few years back. This was a huge deal. Heck, folks were freaking out over it left and right. But, could you really blame them? It practically made me dread summer. Suddenly we have to watch out for killer mosquitoes. I was buying bug spray like a madman. After all, this West Nile virus does not have a cure. Apparently once you're afflicted with it, you can only treat the symptoms. That's always a major bummer. The elderly are really at risk since their bodies are not as strong. So anyway, now we have the avian pandemic upon us. What can we do to prevent this terror? Should we avoid all eggs and poultry? Hey, I've got a great idea. I saw a news clip of a Middle Eastern gentleman feeding a pigeon with his mouth. YUCK! Why don't we all refrain from doing things like this? That should help prevent the avian pandemic. I often wonder if some individuals actually have a brain or they're just running on pure desire to live.
It is a good idea to read all you can regarding the recent avian pandemic. Find out what scientists and health officials are doing to prevent a mass outbreak of this deadly illness. Before we know it, the avian pandemic could be in full-effect. I simply hope and pray that they've created enough of the vaccination to go around. Hop on your personal computer today and get a quick update of all current events such as the avian pandemic. It pays to be on top of things.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prelit Christmas Tree

Prelit Christmas tree
Five years ago, after watching my husband struggle for entirely too long with unwrapping the hopelessly tangled Christmas lights, I was pretty fed up with the entire concept of decorating. Hours later, we had managed to get the lights on the tree and in working condition. By the time we were done, neither one of us was in the mood to put any ornaments on it. Looking through a circular one morning, I saw a beautiful artificial tree that advertised that it was prelit. Wow! That meant that there would be no tangling of lights to fight with every year. Although we already had our Christmas tree up and decorated, I rushed to that store to take advantage of the sale. An hour later, I came home with a prelit Christmas tree packed into the back of my SUV.
The next December, I was actually eager to get started on the Christmas decorating. I went to the attic and brought down the box that contained our brand new prelit Christmas tree. My husband was skeptical about how nice looking it would be, but I knew that he was secretly pleased that he wouldn't have to struggle with detangling the lights. We struggled with getting the prelit Christmas tree put together, as we'd never put together an artificial tree before, but it ended up looking very nice when we were done. The real test came when we needed to plug it in and see how it looked. I plugged it in and suddenly, the prelit Christmas tree lit up. My husband smiled with relief realizing that it really did look nice. We hung up the decorations and while I had worried that there would be cords or wires poking out since it was a prelit Christmas tree, there were none. The lights and cords were glued securely to the branches alleviating the fears that it would look "too fake".
Throughout the holiday season, we had numerous parties and get-togethers at our house. We didn't tell anyone that we had purchased a prelit Christmas tree or that it wasn't real. To be quite honest, unless you knew or studied it up close, you would not have any way of knowing that it was a prelit Christmas tree. No one even asked about it, but we did get many compliments on how nicely the tree was decorated. One relative asked my husband if he'd had any more battles with hanging the Christmas lights this year and my husband smugly replied "no". We smiled at each other. Our prelit Christmas tree had been a wonderful investment and was our little secret.

Pink Christmas Tree

I have always hated the artificial things that pretend to be real. I hate, for example, light food, or vegetarian fake meat. That is why, up to this point, I have always hated artificial Christmas trees. They do not fool anyone, and yet they stubbornly persist in their mimic in a way that I find most irritating and useless. If these fake Christmas trees looked a little bit less like real trees, and more like representations symbolizing real trees, then I would not be so bothered by them, but as it is I can not stand them.
The problem is that, where I live, we are not allowed to have a real Christmas pine tree, nor do we really have the room to. My wife has wanted to get a plastic Christmas tree for the last couple of years, but I have been strongly against it for the reasons given above. That is why I have decided to get a Pink Christmas Tree this year. No one is going to believe that a Pink Christmas Tree is real for even a moment, but then again a Pink Christmas Tree is not trying to fool anyone into believing. Although it is garish and tacky, a Pink Christmas Tree is absolutely at home and honest about its garishness and tackiness, and so it really does not have the same offensive qualities to it as other fake Christmas trees do, in my opinion. Really, my wife thinks that I am crazy, but a Pink Christmas Tree is the only solution to our Christmas troubles. It is an xmas tree, which she wants, and it is not a cheap facsimile, which is what I want. Instead, it is a very fake mockery.
I have decided to put the Pink Christmas Tree in the window with the lawn flamingos that have nothing to do until next summer anyway. Around them, I will put the most bright, garishly flashing Christmas lights that I can find, and decorate the whole thing with cheap plastic garlands hung with little dollar store quarter bin toys. Then my Pink Christmas Tree will have that look that I have always dreamed of for it, that look of uncompromising falsehood. Maybe next year I will get a purple Christmas tree. I can only imagine what wonders I could work with that one! But for now, the Pink Christmas Tree really hits the spot.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alarm Phone Clock

Getting up each morning to get to work on time is a reality for most of us. Although it’s been said that over time the internal clock within our body will wake us up at the same time each day, an alarm clock is a good back-up system.
When I was young the alarm clock in my home was my mother’s voice. She’d raise the call that it was 7 am and time to get the day started. Unfortunately as we mature, we have to turn to the world of technology to take over that job. In the world of alarm clocks there are so many different designs, everything from the standard round face bells to the alarm clock phone system.
I choose the latter for several reasons all of which boil down fundamentally to convenience. I don’t have a great deal of space in my bedroom so an alarm clock phone serves a dual purpose without doubling the physical space it needs. The alarm clock phone also has a radio in it so I can set the alarm to either a tone or the music of my choice. I tend to go with the tone because being awakened to blaring music can be a bit too startling.
I’ve heard complaints about the quality of the phone in some systems but I’ve never had a problem. The alarm phone clock I recently purchased came with a cordless telephone. This is great as I can lie in bed reading in the evening and if a call comes through I can answer it on the alarm phone clock and then get up and wander around if need be. The audio quality is comparable to the other phones I’ve got in the house so it’s not an issue I personally need to be worried about.
Finding one wasn’t difficult either. There were several local electronic stores that had a few different models of an alarm clock phone system to choose from. I wrote down the prices and specifications of each one and then did some research online. I actually found the same alarm clock phone that was available locally for about 20% less online. Even with shipping charges added in the alarm clock phone online was less expensive. The website offered expedited shipping so I had it in my home within two days.
It was very simple to set up. It did need to be charged before I could use the telephone to make or receive calls, but it took a couple of seconds to set the clock and determine how the alarm feature worked. It’s a great little machine and I’d honestly recommend an alarm clock phone to anyone.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Eye candy ?? Naaa Eye Vitamins

How many times, when you were a kid, did you hear someone nag you about eating your carrots because they were good for your eyes, were good eye vitamins, and when you challenged this, the nagger jokingly asked you, “Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?”? How many times did you figure out a way to slide those nasty cooked, mushy things off the plate, onto the floor, into your waiting beggar-doggie’s mouth? And years later, as you squinted or huffed on the stained eyeglasses to clear them, did you regret not listening to those who knew better after all? Yes, the carrot is an eye vitamin. It is classically the first one we think of as an eye vitamin, anyway, as carrots have vitamin A, an antioxidant that is said by the experts and pros to contribute in the prevention of weakening eyesight, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even blindness. But carrots alone or vitamin A alone do not the complete eye vitamin make. And as with any vitamin—eye vitamin, skin vitamin, hair vitamin, etc.—there are a couple of important facts. One, it is possible to overdose on certain (if not most) vitamins. If we read how this or that supplement is the ideal eye vitamin, and we take too much, we can break out in itching, rashes, and worse conditions…due to vitamin toxicity. Two, an individual eye vitamin A, for instance, does not work alone. Other vitamins help the fat-burning properties of a vitamin, or assist in the absorption process. That is, vitamins work in conjunction. If you take vitamin C, considered a good eye vitamin for possibly reducing certain risks of degeneration and glaucoma, you will do well to have the right amount of bioflavonoids, for bioflavonoids are said to help the body absorb vitamin C. This latter point or principle makes sense if you think of the perfectly balanced diet: certain foods are reckless together, doing nothing more than encouraging the omega-6 fatty acids to overpower the nutrients or what have you; yet other foods, when eaten together, work to encourage digestion, or burn fat, or what have you. I am by no means an expert or a nutritional professional of any kind, I just found over the years that certain food combinations are extremely good together, like rice and beans, for instance. And I make the connection with the same process the eye vitamin and its comrades need to undergo by being taken together. I will leave the factual and scientific to the pros, then, and leave you with what I understand to be the ideal combo-eye vitamin: Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as a balance of omega-3 fatty acids and others, are now in one eye vitamin…so you don’t have to weigh, measure, or calculate the right mix, and so you don’t have to, if you can’t stand to, eat those cooked carrots. Raw ones are better and better for you, anyway. Did you ever see a rabbit eating COOKED carrots?