Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The electronic cigarettes have conquered the world in such a small time span, it is amazing. The reason perhaps is that people want to have fun with out getting any harm. And that is exactly what the electronic cigarette offers. It is an electronic device which has two parts. First part is called the Battery or power source, which takes couple of hours to get fully charged. The other part of the electronic machine is the cartridge which contains the liquid. The last part is the replaceable filter.

electronic cigarette issues ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE MACHINES WILL THEY EVER HAPPENLet us have a more detailed look into the electronic cigarette machine. The first part which is the heart of the electronic cigarette is they Battery or the power source. It supply charge to the battery so it can burn the flavored liquid, which is described in the next paragraph. It usually takes a battery 2-3 hours to charge an electronic cigarette. Some companies also have made such electronic cigarettes which can be recharged from the USB port of your computer or laptop. When you turn the battery on it has a little bulb which lights up. The bulb is usually green. When you screw an empty e-cig in it, it changes into a different color. And when the e-cig is fully charged, the light turns back to initial color. The light also acts as an indicator and flashes when it needs charge or replacement.

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