Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cowboy Christmas Stocking

On my children’s fifth Christmas I make them a holiday stocking that reflects their personality. I made my daughter a fairy princess stocking when she was five years old. My son’s fifth birthday was fast approaching as was the holiday season. I decided to make him a cowboy Christmas stocking.
I bought some soft leather-looking fabric and suede string. I sewed the stocking from a cowboy boot pattern that I came across on the Internet. I then poked holes along the seam of the boot-shaped material. I threaded the suede through the holes and tied them off. This was the beginning of my son’s cowboy Christmas stocking.
I made fringe out of some soft suede fabric that I found in a half off bin at the local craft store. I sewed the suede fringe along the top half of the boot. I then added a piece of leather to make the heel of the boot. By this time, I could not help but to notice that my son’s cowboy Christmas stocking looked remarkably like an ordinary felt cowboy boot and not really a holiday stocking at all.
I decided to fix the problem by embellishing the project with seasonal items to make it more of a cowboy Christmas stocking and less of a cowboy boot. Instead of spurs, I used small jingle bells on a string and hung them from the back heel of the stocking. I then took red, green and cold glittered fabric paint and embellished the body of the item.
I then took white cotton and dusted gold glitter on it. I glued the cotton to the top of the stocking and sprayed it with a top spray that I use for ceramics. I still was not satisfied with the results. The cowboy Christmas stocking looked more like an overdone cowgirl boot than anything else.
I was going to have to come up with something else and soon. I found myself starting from scratch. I started the cowboy Christmas stocking the same way as the last. If I used holiday-colored material it would resemble Santa’s boot. I decided to simplify the project. I
Instead of using a string of jingle bells, I used one larger one. I sewed it into the heel area. I then used the holiday colored glitter to write his name on the stocking. I then took the smaller bells and sewed them onto a few of the pieces of fringe. I hung the finished cowboy Christmas stocking that holiday evening.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are a godsend. I began taking them when I was eighteen to ease my menstrual symptoms. The pills eased my usually intense cramps and lightened my period dramatically. I have taken them for several years and my gynecologist assures me that there is no danger in extended use of birth control pills. Like many women, I was concerned that I may one day experience difficulty getting pregnant if I used birth control pills for too long but this fear was unnecessary and unfounded.
As wonderful as they are, there are some things to consider before you begin taking birth control pills. Birth control pills are easy to forget and it is not difficult to get off track and mess up your whole cycle. I have found that if I forget a pill, I have a good chance of getting my period in the next few days and once it starts, it is difficult to stop by resuming the medication.
Birth control pills can also be expensive. My health insurance covers approximately four dollars of this fifty dollar prescription every month. If the pills are meant to prevent against pregnancy, they are an affordable option when compared to condoms which can be very expensive and are not as reliable. There are many types and brand of pills out there and you should be able to find one that fits your budget.
Birth control pills are available at most clinics if you cannot afford them. Ask your doctor for more information on where you can obtain them in your area. I have always received a few months' worth of birth control pills from my gynecologist at my annual appointment. You should see a gynecologist if you are thinking of taking birth control pills and every year thereafter to make sure that they are working correctly for you with no adverse side effects.
One of the best aspects of pills is that you can continue to take your birth control pills for several weeks of them at a time if you want to put off your period. Some birth control pills are packaged in a way that makes it easier to take several weeks in a row. I think that the majority of birth control pills are safe and can be taken for two or three months in a row without complications but you should confirm this with your doctor before you attempt to do so. You can stop taking the pill at any time without adverse consequences to your health and the pill is less invasive and complicated than other options that involve implantation of some sort.
Simply stated, the pill is one of the best options when it comes to preventing pregnancy and managing your menstrual cycle. If you want control of your body and flexibility, the pill is the way to go. Every woman should do whatever she can do to be in charge of what happens to their bodies. It is, and always has been, your body and your choice. Period.

Avian Pandemic

Get a load of all the troubles we humans grapple with. Will the madness ever end? Now you know as well as I do that things will probably only continue to worsen. Just check out the nuances to our sickness and disease list. Suddenly we're battling an avian pandemic. This is ridiculous if you really think about it. Is it just me who feels this way? We are actually talking about a bird flu. The mere concept sounds absurd. We shouldn't be able to contract anything from a bird or fowl. What is going on these days? Is this a covert attack planned by Bin Laden and his group of thugs? Now, the big question remains; what are we going to do about it? This could get really messy, and quick.
I can still recall when the West Nile virus came about a few years back. This was a huge deal. Heck, folks were freaking out over it left and right. But, could you really blame them? It practically made me dread summer. Suddenly we have to watch out for killer mosquitoes. I was buying bug spray like a madman. After all, this West Nile virus does not have a cure. Apparently once you're afflicted with it, you can only treat the symptoms. That's always a major bummer. The elderly are really at risk since their bodies are not as strong. So anyway, now we have the avian pandemic upon us. What can we do to prevent this terror? Should we avoid all eggs and poultry? Hey, I've got a great idea. I saw a news clip of a Middle Eastern gentleman feeding a pigeon with his mouth. YUCK! Why don't we all refrain from doing things like this? That should help prevent the avian pandemic. I often wonder if some individuals actually have a brain or they're just running on pure desire to live.
It is a good idea to read all you can regarding the recent avian pandemic. Find out what scientists and health officials are doing to prevent a mass outbreak of this deadly illness. Before we know it, the avian pandemic could be in full-effect. I simply hope and pray that they've created enough of the vaccination to go around. Hop on your personal computer today and get a quick update of all current events such as the avian pandemic. It pays to be on top of things.