Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prelit Christmas Tree

Prelit Christmas tree
Five years ago, after watching my husband struggle for entirely too long with unwrapping the hopelessly tangled Christmas lights, I was pretty fed up with the entire concept of decorating. Hours later, we had managed to get the lights on the tree and in working condition. By the time we were done, neither one of us was in the mood to put any ornaments on it. Looking through a circular one morning, I saw a beautiful artificial tree that advertised that it was prelit. Wow! That meant that there would be no tangling of lights to fight with every year. Although we already had our Christmas tree up and decorated, I rushed to that store to take advantage of the sale. An hour later, I came home with a prelit Christmas tree packed into the back of my SUV.
The next December, I was actually eager to get started on the Christmas decorating. I went to the attic and brought down the box that contained our brand new prelit Christmas tree. My husband was skeptical about how nice looking it would be, but I knew that he was secretly pleased that he wouldn't have to struggle with detangling the lights. We struggled with getting the prelit Christmas tree put together, as we'd never put together an artificial tree before, but it ended up looking very nice when we were done. The real test came when we needed to plug it in and see how it looked. I plugged it in and suddenly, the prelit Christmas tree lit up. My husband smiled with relief realizing that it really did look nice. We hung up the decorations and while I had worried that there would be cords or wires poking out since it was a prelit Christmas tree, there were none. The lights and cords were glued securely to the branches alleviating the fears that it would look "too fake".
Throughout the holiday season, we had numerous parties and get-togethers at our house. We didn't tell anyone that we had purchased a prelit Christmas tree or that it wasn't real. To be quite honest, unless you knew or studied it up close, you would not have any way of knowing that it was a prelit Christmas tree. No one even asked about it, but we did get many compliments on how nicely the tree was decorated. One relative asked my husband if he'd had any more battles with hanging the Christmas lights this year and my husband smugly replied "no". We smiled at each other. Our prelit Christmas tree had been a wonderful investment and was our little secret.