Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ethics And Marketing And Internet

Complains regarding unwanted telemarketing calls and spamming have been increasing nowadays. With the forward emails and spamming, many customers are forced to take up a product. There are many customers who make complains about junk mails and spamming emails that can really disturb and fill up their inboxes with junk. The viability of the spamming programs should be checked by the internet marketers since it is against the ethics of internet marketing to disturb your customers and ask them for extra time without their permission. There is much new advancement in the technology that can allow the internet marketers to check what is going on in the PCs of their customers. There is a cookie checker who can check the number of sites and the actual addresses that are visited. This is simply unethical. That’s why several journals of internet marketing and best internet marketing firms of the world decided to make some ethics for internet marketing so that the new comers in this fields who are looking for career information on internet marketing positions can first study the ethics and then get into the field work.