Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Internet Suffix For The Websites Zambian

A little more about internet suffix
The internet is a network of networks. Every website has a domain name and when you type the URL your browser application (Internet Explorer or FireFox) directs you to this webpage through a network of directories. This is carried out by a sophisticated exchange of information between different DNS servers in the internet. A DNS server is an internet directory service. The DNS not only keeps a database of all the current URLs present on the internet but also provides the new domain names to emerging web pages. For instance: If you are intending to get domain name for your webpage you will have to contact your regional DNS server. After carrying out some steps you will be assigned a unique domain name.
With a diverse expansion of the internet a rapid increase in the number of emerging web pages on the World Wide Web was observed and a need for the enhancement of the DNS directory servers was felt immediately. The enhancements were made by merging more servers in the main DNS servers, and in order to identify each server specific internet suffix were allocated to each of them.